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Raw Bar

Salmon sashimi
with tamari soy sauce (GF) - 10

Ahi tuna sashimi
with tamari soy (GF) -10

Hamachi yellowtail tuna sashimi
with tamari soy sauce (GF)  -12

Sashimi sampler
- Hamachi, Ahi, Salmon (GF) - 10

– Hamachi tuna, Ahi tuna, salmon, avocado & wakame miso dressing (GF) - 12


Mushroom leek soup
– with sweet potato wakame noodles & soft tofu (VG) - 7

Tom Kha Gai
- chicken, galangal, coconut (GF) - 8

Tom Yum Goong
– prawns, lemongrass (GF) - 8

Bread & Rice
Naan (V) - 3.50

Pappadam (VG, GF) - 3

Jasmine rice (VG, GF) - 3

Brown rice (VG, GF) - 3


Baby kale, avocado, Goji berries, radish, with citrus-soy vinaigrette (VG) - 8.50

Fresh roasted beets
, arugula, ginger-lime dressing (VG, GF) - 9

Warm tofu
, baby greens, peanut dressing (VG) (P) - 8

Wakame seaweed
, toasted sesame seeds (VG) - 8

Marinated octopus
salad with wakame seaweed and pickled ginger - 9

Ahi tuna
salad with avocado, baby greens and yuzu-soy dressing - 12


Sautéed Asian greens
with mushroom soy sauce and garlic (VG) - 6.50

Sautéed Brussels sprouts
with miso glazed (V,GF) - 7 ***

Sautéed Asian greens
& truffle oil (VG, GF) - 7

Mia’s Signature Tapas

Sweet potatoes julienne fries
with togarashi pepper and truffle oil (VG) - 6.50

Lotus root fritters
with tamarind chili sauce (VG, GF) - 8

Dahl* – Northern style Indian chana dahl with spinach (V, GF) - 8.50***

Crispy Thai baby wings
, fried basil, tamarind-chili sauce - 10

Kolhapuri chicken
– hot and spicy chicken drumettes in Kalhapuri masala - 9

Alaskan crabmeat & shrimp wontons in a shitake mushroom and ginger broth – 8

Chicken and corn fritters in Thai green curry – 10

Crispy baby pork shanks, sweet soy & five-spice sauce – 10

Thai sun-dried beef with sticky rice, tamarind-chili sauce – 9

Slow roasted pork belly with star-anise and soy with pickled red cabbage – 12

Calamari, seasoned, lightly fried, Sriracha sauce & crispy shallots – 12

Prawns in southern Indian Kerala curry (GF) – 11

Prig Pow Hoi - Diver scallops in roasted chili sauce with fresh Thai basil – 12

Mussels steamed in tomyum broth, Thai basil, fresh chili peppers (GF) – 12

Mediterranean Seabass with crispy skin over southern Indian Kerala curry - 13


Warm ramen noodles
in a savory shiitake mushroom, daikon and ginger broth (VG) - 6

Warm Soba noodles in a savory shiitake mushroom, daikon and ginger broth  (VG) - 6

From the Grill

House made Thai sausage with sticky rice – 10

Grilled portabello mushroom satay with peanut sauce (VG, GF, P) – 9

Chicken satay
with peanut sauce (GF, P) – 9

Korean style grilled beef tenderloin
w/ pickled cucumber & daikon – 10

Cambodian-style lemongrass and peanut marinated beef tenderloin (P) – 9

Lamb & beef kofta kebab with mint yogurt raita & mango chutney (GF) – 11

Tandoori-style lobster tail with mango chutney & mint raita (GF) - 15

Rolls and Buns

Roast duck puff pastry samosa
, tamarind-mango sauce and house mango chutney - 9

Homemade Vegetable Spring Rolls
with Fresh Pineapple Plum sauce and Tamarind chili sauce (VG) - 10

Smoked tofu buns
with pickled daikon (VG) - 10

Mia barbeque pork bun
s with pickled daikon - 10

When available we pride ourselves in using local produce, sustainably
harvested seafood, and hormone & antibiotic free meats for our Slow Food
Pan-Asian cuisine

V - Vegetarian VG - Vegan GF - Gluten Free P - Peanut Allergen ***can be made Vegan

Sun-Thurs 5pm-9:30pm
Friday & Saturday 5pm-10pm

Sun-Thurs 5pm-9:30pm
Friday & Saturday 5pm-10pm

130 East State St.
The Commons
Ithaca NY 14850
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